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September 29, 2003

Once upon a time, life was good for law students; $50 summer lunches and a laughable workload. Times have changed.

September 04, 2003

Football season is upon us. While perusing some of the big stories this year (Vinny Testaverde still alive and kicking! or blocking!) I ran across this odd headline: Elway's Super Bowl MVP prize SUV stolen. This is weird on several levels. First, Elway used to own apporximately ten car dealerships in Denver. I know it's got sentimental value (see the one out of every three Superbowls that the Broncos lost in the 90's) but why on earth was Elway driving about in a four-year-old car? And isn't it odd that this is the same color, make and model as the famed OJ slocore chase vehicle? WTF, indeed.

September 02, 2003

Beat the back to work/school/rainy day blahs:

Check out Neal Pollack's little short on Ah-nold for Gov.

Also worth a look: the new issue of Harper's did a piece in its September issue on a little gem someone found on the PitchforkMedia Smackdown! Message Board. Seems the folks at Harper's thought it would be fun to republish some of the mock cybersex chats that were originally posted on the board. Harper's magazine, people. The text of the article isn't online, but you can read some of the actual message posts here, here, here and here. I'm waiting for the October issue of the Atlantic Monthly, where the Olsen twins will give their opinion on the war in Iraq.