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January 28, 2005

Johnny Can You Hear Me


Flashmobs are so 2002. Or was it 2003. Anyway, the crazy mofos of a crazy mofo that I know are searching high and low for Johnny Depp. They wrote a movie about him and then tried to find him, then they made a movie about that. I don't know if anyone can find him, but seriously, see if he's driving your cab, resist a complete stalker fit, and slip him a piece of paper with written on it.

Bright, er, Sleepy Eyes

So here I am listening to CoCoRosie's La Maison de Mon Reve, and it's just lovely, perfect, awkward and sincere. It reminds me of Cat Power's early stuff. Unfortunately, CoCoRosie was really not the least bit enjoyable to watch last night. Maybe I just was not in the mood for the weirdness after missing Tilly and the Wall, but...

Some further notes from last night's Bright Eyes show:

The cult of Conor consists of a bunch of Greenpoint-living, Craigslist-trolling, alcohol-poisoned, cat-calling bee-yotches. Yuck. I had to practically break down the bathroom door in the upstairs bathroom in a panic after I saw a pair of checkered Vans peeking out from under the stall, pointing the wrong way and not moving at all. Lady was alive, but Jesus, lay off the Stoli Vanil!!!

Anyway, I thought his set was swell. I missed a few songs because I fell asleep (yeah, I'm lame, blah, blah, blah), but overall it was a good show. Poor Conor seems a bit freaked by his newfound fame, but he handled it okay. His backing band was boring, for the most part, but they did manage to nonetheless put out a wonderful sea of music that beautifully filled a beautiful venue.

Tonight I'm going to see Rye Coalition play one of, if not, the final Friday night party at Plaid. Rye Coalition are and have been undeservedly just below the radar for too long. They've been around since 1996, they're quite well-respected-- Steve Albini produced them and they released their 2002 album on TigerStyle. Anyway, it's fist-pumping hard-driving indie rock, with Deathcabish lyrics and a Sex Pistols sensibility.

January 26, 2005

Tuesday, Wednesday, Frigid Days

I only have a few random things to say today, having made good on my promise to be sporadic.

First, I've taken up residence at 100 Centre Street. I get to basically watch *live action* Court TV for my job and not be in the office for a while. It's weird, but there is defintely a little cult of Law and Order going on downtown. More on that in the weeks, er, months to come.

Second, I finally got a freaking Ipod. Gift from my little sister. Not only did she procure me the 40gb bohemoth, but she fully fucking loaded the beast, so it's got 11,256 songs on it. Yep, I know it's insane. I recognize about 1/3 of what she put on there, so as I wade through it, I'll be introducing y'all to some stuff you should listen to, some stuff you can decide on your own about, and, inevitably, some stuff that should probably be avoided.

On that note, Bedroom Walls is a band I've been meaning to recommend for a while. I found them some time ago, and I really like a few of their songs, which you can stream for free on MySpace. They sound a lot like The Clientele, all whispery and ethereal, but a little loungier. The one thing that's kind of offputting is that they've labeled themselves "romanticore", which will instantly give you an unwelcome estrogen jolt, even if you're a guy. Anyway, they're getting bigger--they'll be playing SXSW--so hear them before Newsweek does.

January 21, 2005


Remember The Streets? Not, like, A Grand Don't Come For Free-- more like the first "what the fuck?!" you felt when you first heard Original Pirate Material. Yeah, that. Oy. Oy.

You will LOVE Dead Ghosts. They do this weirdo garagey, slacker-cool rock with some breakbeat and lofi electronica thrown in for fun. They're from NYC. Mp3 here. Their album, recorded in 1999, has just been reissued.

January 20, 2005

Blanket Music

No, I'm not talking about the extremely disturbing episode of South Park where Michael Jackson moves to town. Blanket Music is this wonderful band from Hush records (i.e., The Decemberists' label) that I simply cannot stop listening to. The lead singer has this perfect, soulful, sweet drawl, and the songs are jazzrootskitsch and completely rockin.

Here's an mp3 off their new album, Cultural Norms. There's more on the Hush website. Have a lovely day.
Back to the Future

Although I feel that my little meandering internet experiment does not really warrant any level of seriousness regarding musings on my personal life, I do feel like some explanation may or may not be in order. Without further aplomb:

In late November, a few hours after my Turducken post, I was frantically on a plane headed to a hospital in Colorado from which my mother, (who, which goes without saying, was my favorite person on earth), would not return. In light of the enormity of what I've been dealing with since her death in December, I did not anticipate a return to life as I knew it, especially to the more whimsical aspects of it, which would include this site. Were it not for my fellow bloggers who have read me and liked me, I probably would've just shut down, but since Jeff Central Village, Brooklyn Vegan, Joey Tale of Two Cities and More Cowbell keep sending folks over here, it's worth doing. These dudes have wonderful sites that represent some the best of the indie music news and views on the web, and I'm honored to be linked to them.

And for my lovely wonderful best friends on the web and elsewhere, Charles and Kristin, were it not for you two, I would have had much less to smile about in these last few months. Thank you. Really.

All that said, life does march on for the living, and I am slowly returning to the things I love. So I'll be back, probably sporadically at first, then we'll see.