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February 25, 2005


So I guess they're all cool now, all over Gawker and shit. YAY! I just hope the show doesn't sell out before I get there.

Since the mp3 link on the old post is kaput, try this one:

I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness-- Your Worst is the Best
Some Kind of Monster Guitar Sale

Via Popbitch:

Megadeth's Dave Mustaine is selling his guitars:

Y2KV 12 String - $25,000 USD
Silver KV-1 DM 002 92 - $22,000 USD
Y2KV Prototype - $17,000 USD
Black Y2KV - $15,000 USD
Silver Y2KV - $13,000 USD
Number 1 KV-1 - make him an offer!

Oh, my. What a busy, horrifying and wonderful time this has been. Although I wake up in the morning completely unable to move, things are certainly alive, I guess. But enough about me. This blog has fucking sucked lately, and I’'m not sure what else to say about that. Armed with but a Blackberry and a (gasp!) pen and paper, there isn’t much time for interweb shenanigans. Ah well, I’'m still running around, so here'’s the latest:

Check out Charles’'s dead-on review of Moveable Hype 2. I know it’'s late, but it’'s worth it. And Coolfer, who is quite the affable fellow, is doing another music blogger happy hour. Details here.

Shindig, the quickie-post below, was a blast. My handsome companion relapsed with the flu afterwards, and I think Franco may have broken a bone or two, but it was a hoot. Aptly described by Charles as a dirtier Studio 54 sans coke, gays, disco. Hm. The Natural History were quite good as well, even though they had no lights.

Drag Citizen, The Drew Blood, and Banana Fish Zero at The Continental. More bloody Coronas, and a fantastic time in which I did in fact end up face down in the ecstasy of Diner 24’'s perfect disco fries. This fellow joined our little caravan, and it was fabulous. Here’'s a taste of the show.

Metal is back, which means Wednesday night is the new Saturday, (or soemthing) and the best night of the week to hang out these days. Besides Shindig, this week promosed Death Disco over at the Delancey, and a new "rock party" at NA, of which I can only say it is a lovely, empty space indeed.  Posted by Hello

February 23, 2005

James Mercer, or Not


SHINDIG!!! .3.

OPEN BAR. 21+.

Shindig is the name of the party. THIS IS NUMBER 3!! in the same street level loft-like space at 619 E 6th (btw. B and C). The purpose of Shindig is to unite artists of all sorts and give them an arena to present their work to the public, a very drunk public as it will be OPEN BAR. Live Music from: The Sexy Magazines, The Natural History, Dynasty, The Situationist International. Artwork from: The Art Shop Boys DJ: Michael Fujikawa. Doors at 8PM. 21+(so bring yer fake ID's). $10. OPEN BAR.

February 11, 2005

Daft Punk is Playing at My House

It's all about LCD Soundsystem right now. Or is it again? I don't know, but the new record reminds me very much of James Chance. Who, you may ask, is this James Chance? If you spent time at my house in early 2004, you heard this record. But since most of you did not, here's a swift summary of this maestro from AMG:

One of the central figures of the No Wave movement of the late '70s, James Chance and the Contortions formed in New York City in 1977. They were led by vocalist/saxophonist Chance, a Milwaukee native (born James Sigfried) who also answered to the alias James White. After relocating to the Big Apple to play free jazz, he fell in with the city's avant-garde community; upon adopting the surname Chance and acquiring a wardrobe of outrageously loud suits, Chance formed the Contortions, an abrasively chaotic funk-noise outfit featuring organist Adele Bertei, guitarists Pat Place and Jody Harris, and drummer Don Christiansen. After winning acclaim and notoriety for their wild, often combative live shows (the aggressive, nihilistic Chance often picked fistfights with audience members), the Contortions entered the studio with producer Brian Eno to record four tracks for the No New York compilation. After cutting enough material for an LP, 1979's Buy the Contortions, the group crashed along with the No Wave scene; as James White, Chance soon resurfaced fronting the Blacks, a bizarre disco outfit comprised of most of the Contortions alumni, albeit with the notable exception of Bertei and released Off White. In 1982 the highly regarded Sax Maniac album was released on Chris Stein's short lived Animal label. Unfortunately the label disappeared quickly taking the album along with it. Chance recorded his final studio project Flaming Demonics in 1983, again for ZE, under the James White moniker. Chance seemed to have vanishished in the next decade, but occasionally his original albums or live recordings would surface, only to quickly disappear. In 2003 the small indie label Tiger Style reissued all the official material Chance/White recorded, along with a few ultra rare tracks, on the three disc set Irresistible Impulse. The reissue coincided with Chance's return to playing live again, albeit sporadically. The following year Tiger Style released a two disc compilation Sax Education containing his "greatest hits" with a second disc of a previously unreleased live performance for Radio Holland from 1981. ~ Jason Ankeny & Al Campbell, All Music Guide

TigerStyle released Chance's Sax Education last year. Go buy it from Insound. Or, if you're not the impulse type, go listen to "Contort Yourself" here. It's just excellent.

There are a ton of good things going on tonight.

James Fucking Friedman is DJing at APT at 10. I think he's there every Friday. The Sexy Magazines are playing the Knitting Factory tonight. I've heard they're lined up to play Coachella... They're really fun to watch--Franco, their lead singer, is a nutcase on stage. Should be a splendid show. AND Baby Dayliner and The Fame are playing the Mercury Lounge.

Let's hope I'm up to run around a bit and don't end up face down in a plate of Disco Fries. Oh, there are worse things, I guess.

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February 10, 2005

I May Be Behind on This

I may not. But it looks like fun stuff:

The Studios @ Tribeca Grand (sub-level) 10pm-4am
FIXED's Fashion Week Closing party: Roger Sisters Live!
W/ special guest Justine D (Motherfucker/ Aktion)plus residents JDH & Dave P
RSVP to sessions *at*

[addendum: it's on Saturday. bye.]

February 04, 2005

Update, The Arcade Fire, The Fucking Giraffes, Frances the Mute, and other stuff too.

Hi everyone. Please don't give up just yet. There is plenty to discuss, just no fucking time to do it. Blog this. Bleh.

I spent most of this week on a hard-ass bench in criminal court in Manhattan, which I can't really get into here, but I did manage to get out and see a few things worth discussing.

Since I blog about music, and this is what music bloggers do, I will discuss the Arcade Fire show at Webster Hall. Actually, if you read Jeff Central Village's review, you can just jump down to the next topic. The show was exactly what I expected: the Arcade Fire was pretty good, the crowd SUCKED, and it was hype city. I scored a ticket from the Man Man people, which was cool, but otherwise I don't think I would have gone. There's something sorta bittersweet about a band like this having a meteoric rise to success-- I really think they are amazingly talented, but they're clearly having some exhaustion and sudden fame issues, which is hard to see. I really hope they become re-grounded and keep delighting us in the future. I enjoyed Owen, the solo violin guy, but he looped a lot of his music, which I found weird. Man Man, well, they gave me a ticket. They reminded me of the G-Love and Special Sauce, if they'd been on a meth bender. That has the potential to be a very good thing recorded on an album, but live, it was kind of insane. So, in sum, the show was just fine, the crowd sucked big time, and the Arcade Fire needs a nap. Props to Tim, Arcade Fire bassist for being supercool selling merch, and to Oh My Rockness going all street team and handing out flyers.

Next-- The Giraffes. The fucking Giraffes. Have you all seen them???? They played last night for free at the Luna Lounge (I'm so sad about it closing I really can't discuss it), and I must say, it was a simply spectacular performance. For those of you who don't know them-- you WILL. They just got signed, and I have a feeling they're going to do quite well. Want a fado opera written by Motley Crue? Want to imagine At the Drive In wine-drunk? WOW. Helen and I had a nice perch in the corner, and I spent a solid 45 minutes in sheer eardrum bleeding bliss. Thank you guys. A million times. To cap off the night, I dragged Helen over to Trash Bar, aka the old Luxx, for good times and acoustic stylings from NYC Rock's finest, including Drag Citizen, Apocalypstik, and Banana Fish Zero. Choice stuff, and tater tots too! Great bar, great people, great times.

Tonight Rogue Wave is playing at the Mercury Lounge. Don't be a dummy, go.

And finally, Frances the Mute. New album from The Mars Volta. It comes out in March, but I've given it a few listens, and it is very fine. It's five songs that melded into one, and it's not for the weak of character. The music alone behind these songs bring forth emotion, inspiration, and introspection, punctuated by lyrics that ruminate on family, heritage, and the life-cycle. There is no question really that both Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and Cedric Bixler-Zavala are fucking geniuses, but this album trots out the complexity of their craft in a way that I am so humbly impressed by. These guys, and this band, are no joke, and they really make everyone else look silly. Comparisons are kind of cheap, but remember that little band from Seattle that everyone calls "the last great band"? The Mars Volta has that "it", with the wisdom to make it last.