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March 31, 2005

What is Blog?

I listened to The Fucking Am's Gold album (A Fucking Champs/Trans Am collaboration) today in hopes of another album to discuss, but it just reminded me of seeing Steve Vai on Saturday at Town Hall and falling asleep (what is it with me and that place?) while some guy watched the show and WEPT.

Yeah, it was weird.

Anyway, if you like Steve Vai, you'd like The Fucking Am.

Speaking of collaborations, I think that Brandon Flowers and the guy from the Bravery should MATE. Then they can play Webster Hall together and I won't go because I fucking hate Webster Hall as much as I dismiss The Killers and all of their sinewy, smug, ripoff, poseur ilk.

Have a good weekend!

March 28, 2005

Concert Redux Monday

This week finds The Black Crowes and Yo La Tengo doing their thing in NYC. Todays picks play homage to these two iconoclastic and inimitable bands. Footnote 1: For an attempt at imitation, see Kings of Leon with respect to the former.


The Black Crowes: Shake Your Money Maker.

I realize pretty much anyone over the age of say, 23, probably has heard this album. This album took the X-Y generation where the Allman Brothers took the hippies and a gaggle of bikers: straight down home. But its not the southern roots-rock that makes this album a stellar standout-- it's the nod to the genre within a bulletproof musical structure and perfection in songwriting that makes this record a classic. It's got SOUL, but it's got a rock-solid tonality as well. Should this album be in your ouvre? Is a frog's ass water tight?

Yo la Tengo: Electro-pura

Think Hoboken's only gem is the cheap rent and the occassional trip to Maxwells for a band that's already sold out the Bowery Ballroom? It's pretty much a given that a lot of you at least know Yo La Tengo, on some level, but this is an often overlooked album which is arguably their best. It's dark in parts without a hint at shyness, and rocks in way that channels early Sonic Youth. It's good because it's badass but a little apologetic about it, and it's an addictive listen. Footnote 2: On March 22, Matador released a Yo La Tengo compilation entitled "Prisoners of Love: A Smattering of Scintilliating Senescent Songs, 1985-2003."

March 25, 2005

Constant Change

So, the Magic Carpet is going to experiment with something a little different, starting right now. No, starting in a minute.

The Drew Blood.

Before we delve into a special project for a little while, I have a little bit of overdue business to deal with. Now, I'm a procrastinator, which gives me and those around me lots of headaches, but here it is. A few posts back, I yapped about the Drag Citizen/Banana Fish Zero/Drew Blood show at the Continental. Apparently, I forgot to link to Mr. Blood's page, which grabbed my attention when someone posted the link in the comments section. Why all the fanfare, you ask? Three reasons:

1. Drew Blood wipes his piano with the er, blood, of Ben Folds. He's a hardcore and punk pianist. Yes.

2. He has a great fucking blog.

3. He's playing for free on Saturday night at Opaline. At midnight. Go.


The Magic Carpet heretofore presents a little project we'll be working on for a while:

The Magic Carpet Returns to the Era of Albums, Part One.

This project hit me like a frying pan when I was walking down the street listening to U2's October, and thinking, boy, they sure don't make records like this anymore. So I'm jumping off this spinning web of musical mendacity for a little while, and we're gonna talk about great records you should know about if you like music. It may not be uber-hot now, but who fucking cares anyway. Go buy Bravery tickets or something.

Two Picks for Today:

The Halo Benders: The Rebel's Not In. The Halo Benders consist of Doug Martsch (Built to Spill) and Calvin Johnson (Beat Happening). This record picks up BTS's trademark swirl of guiatr and end the weirdo relief of Johnson's insistent banging lyrics and vocals.

The Sea and Cake: Nassau. The Sea and Cake were big cheeses on the Chicago indie scene for a really long time. Their sound is sort of soothing, electric, sensual, and fun all at once. Beware: this record might not leave your player for a few months, especially if you have a miniature jazz nerd living inside you.

Stay tuned.

March 23, 2005

Fork This

So, I can't take credit for this, since my head's been stuffed in a Blackberry for the better part of two months now, but my dinner companion last night had the following very astute observation:

Everything Pitchfork criticizes the Mars Volta for-- for being too pretentious, too dense, and just no fun-- well, that describes to a T the average Pitchfork review. Glock, glock Pitchfork.

The Magic Carpet hereby backs Bo Bice for American Idol. You may remember him as Jim Dandy from Black Oak Arkansas.

You say Bo--

I say Bice--



He's PERFECT. As is anyone who can sing both Whipping Post and Time in a Bottle (with a straight face, that is).

Oh, and Eagles of Death Metal tickets are onsale right now for the Bowery Ballroom show on April 5.

March 18, 2005

Grey Would Be the Color If I Had a Heart

The new Nine Inch Nails video proves my theory that Trent Reznor has been doing nothing but lifting weights for the last few years. Via Brooklyn Vegan.

Not to belie my age or anything, but I was a fucking huge Reznor fan circa Pretty Hate Machine. I used to bomb around Boulder, Colorado in my purple Saab blaring "Head Like a Hole" with my faithful NIN sticker attached to the bumper. I loved Broken too, but by the time The Downward Spiral came out I was kind of over it. At this point, I'm not sure if it's notstalgia or what, but I really like this song. Its got a great industrial po-mo angsty thing going on, but hell, just decide for yourself already.

In completely unrelated music news, last night marked the end of Banana Fish Zero as well as my first experience with the new incarnation of The Sex Slaves. The BFZ show was complete crowd mayhem, with the band acting altogether tame. The inverse could be said for the Slaves, but I am glad that Del Cheetah now knows that "beer is sticky when you spray it."

March 14, 2005

Incoming and Outgoing

I really like the new Louis XIV disc. But I'm willing to bet Joe Strummer's having a hissy fit in heaven. Ah, well, I guess derivative is the new innovative, so fuck it, it's a great listen.

Sonic Youth (er, innovator) is playing the Hiro Ballroom! Thanks Brooklyn Vegan!

Magnolia Electric Co., aka Songs:ohia have made a FANTASTIC record called "What Comes After the Blues. Dreamy, perfect, and bourbon-drenched in moody guitar. Just wonderful-- a must-must-must listen. It comes out April 5, AND they're playing the Knitting Factory w/Oneida on April 16. I saw them a few years ago (the Wrens opened) and they are not to be missed. Unless you like karaoke synth-pop. Then you should definitely miss it.

And finally, sadly, Banana Fish Zero perform their final show ever Thursday at the Continental.

March 13, 2005


They're not on sale yet, but FYI:

Apr 23 Webster Hall, NYC,NY
Apr 24 Webster Hall, NYC,NY

March 09, 2005

Mars Volta

Presale's happening now on Ticketmaster for the Roseland shows. Password is "orange".

March 08, 2005


What I wanna know is, who the fuck is writing for Newsweek????!!!!! Tres hype, I mean, hip.

March 07, 2005

I Can't Believe What Life's Done to Me

I missed Coolfer's Happy Hour to see Motley Crue at the last minute. Due to some fuckup of almost religious proportion, I missed half the show, but I did manage to see some choice tunes, including Home Sweet Home and Dr. Feelgood.

Here's what I learned:

-Vince Neil can't sing. Oh shit, I knew that already. Next...
-People who like metal all carry lighters. It's unclear whether they carry them to smoke cigs or weed, but they def. break them out during the slow songs. Still. One ingenous gal in fornt of me had no flame, so she held up her cellie instead. Rawk.
-Freaking Lips Velvet is everywhere. Lips, for the record, I LOVE YOU.
-Pyrotechnics are REALLY cool.
-Douchebags who watch the Simpsons fall easily.
-Everything you've heard about Tommy Lee is true. And size doesn't matter, it's still really creepy when someone whips out their you-know-what.

I will be knee-deep in white collar crime for the remainder of the week, but PLEASE join me on Weds at the Knitting Factory for this:

The Giraffes Benefit Show | Knitting Factory, NYC

The Giraffes The Giraffes frontman (and Knitting Factory Staffer) Aaron Lazar was stricken with a double heart attack a few weeks back (btw there were no drugs involved) leaving him with hospitable bills estimated at about one million smackers. On this night the best of NYC rock come together to lend a hand to one of its finest.

"The Giraffes are uhm unique? Despite what I had seen when they were offstage, I thought this might after all be just an act, and not necessarily an original one. But that sure was a bottle of Jack Daniels they were passing around on stage before, after and during songs. I could smell it. And maybe that joint was really just a rolled cigarette, but they were still blatantly breaking the law, Breaking The Law ... and there was also no doubt they were seriously and severely fucked up. Theres a theory that a great frontman for a rock n roll band has to be at least 50% jackass to carry it off effectively. Whether tossing his drink cup at fellow band members, spilling it into the crowd or flicking his lit cigarette towards the crowded bar, Aaron Lazar filled the bill with percentage points to spare. Playing the loveable Lucifer, Lazar is charming and clever as hes being cunning and cruel. Imagine an unpretentious Jim Morrison or Henry Rollins who just happen to be smashed out of their heads. The band behind him - a cross between the best/worst of Motorhead and Metallica. Yet even with Damien Paris screaming, over the top lead runs, Drew Totolos kick-ya-in-the-nuts drumming and John Rosenthals bad-ass bass, youd be wrong if you labeled the Giraffes a metal band. It just isnt that easy with Lazars crafty delivery in the mix." - Neon NYC

Wednesday, March 9
A benefit for Aaron Lazar Feat.
The Giraffes, The Players Club, Theo, Baby Dayliner, The Break-Up, Black Cat Revolver
Main Space // 8:00 pm

We HEART Aaron Lazar. And Demander. And Theo. Come!!!!!

March 01, 2005

Wednesday is the new Saturday, continued...

I am NEVER AGAIN going to the LES on a Saturday night. No tables for dinner, no fun, way too f-ing crowded. But this....

Rothko is taking it in-house for a new wednesday party down in the dungeon. DJ's are yours truly, the Blick, and social malcontent Rock City. Greasy drummer taco boy Luc is behind the bar. None of us give a crap about what is hip. Rock City is picking up all his country, metal and punk LP's off the floor and I'm packing a bag of raw soul, rock and roll and nasty funk. Come for catharsis, come for better music, come for $2 buds from 11-12.

Thanks, DJ Fludd
aka the Blick

Wednesday Nights 10PM
Rothko 116 Suffolk