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May 31, 2005


It's Lord of the Flies! I think I'll wait for the whole thing to implode and an In Touch blogger special, thanks.

May 27, 2005


Star Wars, meet your maker.

I can't WAIT until someone has the bad judgment to fuck with me.

May 26, 2005

May 24, 2005

Rock This

So I got the new The National album and I like it. Jeff Central Village reviewed this record over a month ago, and he was spot-on, so I won't wax further on it. Except to say, I read somewhere, I'm not sure where, but someone called the album "a rock album." Um, no. Unless your definition of "rock" is The Cure ca. Wish.... then it might be a "rock" album.

Anyway, they're playing June 16 and 17 at Mercury Lounge.



And I don't think I'm supposed to tell anyone, but the Wallflowers are playing tomorrow at the W. Bye!

May 20, 2005

Pop Quiz Friday


1) Do you own a "vintage" T-shirt purchased at Urban Outfitters?
No. Yet I have a stable of heavy metal tees at my disposal. Eat it, poseurs.

2) Have you been "on the list" at a rock show at least once in the past month?

3) Are your white iPod earbuds a source of pride?

4) Do you know what "grime" is?
the reason for soap.

5) Have you ever done a Web search to find the name of a song used in a VW ad?

6) Do you have a Gmail account?
yes but I don't use it.

7) Did "Garden State" speak to you as no other film ever as?
I can't watch it.

8) Do you own at least one white belt?

9) Do you have a fully articulated stance on Bright Eyes?
Is love a stance?

10) Do you regularly read Paste, the NME, and/or the New Yorker?

11) Do you have a TiVO?

12) If yes, do you have a season pass to one or more of the following: "The O.C.," "Best Week Ever," "Gilmore Girls," "Britney & Kevin: Chaotic?"
No. Molto Mario and South Park.

13) Have you ever paid more than $50 for one pair of jeans?
My answer to this question secures my condo in hell.

14) Do you have a blog?

15) Are you confused as to whether or not it's OK to like Coldplay?
Be what you’re like, Be like yourself.
Lost in Translation

"The crusaders' hag came to sully the land
of the caliphate." - Al-Zarqawi on Condoleeza Rice

I think this means: Bush's bitch has come to fuck up the temporal ruler of the Islamic state's crib.

May 19, 2005

Three Things.

1. Go to this tonight, the Other Passengers are INCREDIBLE live

The Mercury Lounge:
Tarantula record release event

9:30pm - The Winter Pageant
10:30pm - Tarantula

2. Farewell, Vonzell. You were my American Idol. Anyone who can sing like that should no longer be driving a mail truck. Now Bo Bice can assume his rightful position as king of the universe.

3. My friend Mohammed told me what he thought of the new Spoon album. He's so astute:

"I bought Gimme Shelter, I mean Gimme Fiction by Spoon. It might as well be a
Rolling Stones Album, less- boisterous.( I remember when Primal Scream did that
whole rock and roll shit 10 years ago...hmm ) I like this album though, very
different than the emo direction that I had paved for them."

May 18, 2005

Drag Citizen

New mp3 HERE. This is the best song I've heard since The White Stripes put out Seven Nation Army. Seriously.

Next Show:

Friday, May 20th - 11 PM
Continental (St Marks / 3rd Ave)

WITH: ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN (13th Anniversary / CD Release show!),
.. This is a top rock lineup. Quality bands all night.

$5 before 10:45/$8 after 10:45 ...
Live video and album tracks for the upcoming CD at:
Joe, My!

Welcome, fans of Joe.My.God., who my friends and I did our best to terrorize this weekend. I would like to take this opportunity to recommend that anyone who wishes to stalk me would send over a johnny black-rocks (yep, I'd drink it with french toast) and a pair of Chanel sunglasses. Cheers!

May 16, 2005


Loose Record. Like Junkmedia + Oh My Rockness x Good Times Roll. As I've said before: glock-glock Pitchfork. Pretension is so eighties revival. Congrats Jay!

May 15, 2005

May 17

Studios @ Tribeca Grand 10pm-4am
Summer Stage Kick Off Party: DJs JDH and Justine D.
with Gang of Four Live! and Brazilian Girls Live!
Limited quantity of tickets available at and

May 10, 2005

Like a Record Baby

I'll save the usual excuses.

Last week was a spinning clusterfuck of moderate proportion involving larcenists, gay bloggers, martians, guitars, oral historians, and lots of scotch. Which is to say, it's not so different from other weeks, but here's the rub...

Guitar World put on a fun showcase of its staffer's bands at the shithole known Ace of Cups, aka Acme Underground. It was fun to begin with, but I won an X-box and got to see legandary GW dude Jimmy Brown bring down the house with his prepubescent sons. Those Erasure-wannabe acts could've learned a thing or two from their rendition of Crazy Train. Oh, and it was all to benefit AIDS research, which made my hangover feel moral or something.

Thursday found me in a craigslist quagmire of trying to unload two extra Mars Volta tickets at one hour before showtime, which miraculously happened in time for me to get to a Joe Perry event at Webster Hall. Joe wasn't really around, but his corporate sponsors were, with free food and drink for everyone. After finding out that the bar was indeed FULLY open, I sat and enjoyed conversation with rock girl legend Lucky Lawler (she's sitting on Lemmy's lap on the inside jacket of Motorhead's first album) and learned all about the dangers of speed. She left to go see Motorhead (natch), and my hot date and I left before Joe Perry played to catch The Mars Volta up at Roseland.

My review of the show: they were really good but I would have enjoyed it more had I not just consumed five Johnny Walkers on the rocks. Or had I ingested mushrooms. They're better as a studio band. Go ahead and fight me.

Friday continued the mayhem with a gay blogger gathering of sorts at Barrage, where Charles and I found out that (1) gay bloggers are much friendlier than regular bloggers, (2) a friend who has slept with the bartender will get you free drinks, and (3) some people still don't know what a blog is. Charles and I reluctantly tore away from what promised to be a really fun fabulous fucked up scene to a work gathering at Spice Market.

Don't go to Spice Market. But they do make a good Mai Tai.

All for now.

May 02, 2005


Every now and then, wonderful things happen at a rock show. I once saw Junior Senior's bassist jump on his instrument like a trampoline after Senior bowled it to him, and there's an up-front glimpse of Karen O's camel toe that I will never, ever forget. And last night, I got a real wow for the first time in a while.

In this really exciting and altogether frustrating time, I am weary of hype and hungry for talent, a combination that keeps me at shows, leaves me cold sometimes, and lends itself to way too many scotch and sodas. I'm always happy to see a real live fucking legend, and hearing someone who rocked hard before I was even born still screaming out their rebellious siren cry tends to give me pause. I was already thrilled to get the chance to see Ms. Patti Smith do her thing at the place that made her famous, so imagine my delight when who do I spot at one of the tables in the back but Michael fucking Stipe.

I don't bother celebrities as a rule, save for an errant run-in with Dan Aykroyd after a regrettable run-in with the Jack Daniels girls, but I was happy to see Mr. Stipe because I knew he and Patti share a special bond, and I was pretty sure he would hop on stage for a number or two. Well, he did, for THREE songs, including Because the Night. And Patti talked all night about how much she loved him, and about how much she loves cb's and about the early days with Television and about watching people do blow in cb's back office. This was great in itself, but then Patti came back to the mike and melted me by whispering "easy to poke yourself square in the eye...." She covered Saturn Return, with perfect soulful pain and anger, she fucked it up, she sang it again, and she renewed my faith in rock and roll.

Do yourself a big favor and the next time you think about trolling outside Webster Hall for tickets to some sold-out show, go to CB's and see a burgeoning local act instead. It's a legendary, magical place, and one where The People (still) Have the Power.